The Journey

DWC's discipleship process is known as "The Journey." We believe that as Christians, we are called to be the church! Discipleship is more than just sitting in a classroom - it's about learning, growing, and living together as the body of Christ. Journey Groups are offered throughout the year, with new seasons beginning in September and in February. Click on a Journey Group icon to see the current group listings in each category, or the button below to sign up for Groups!

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Home Groups

Home Groups are designed to create close-knit relationships with other believers who do life together and keep one another accountable. They are long term groups designed to meet consistently and stay together for the long term. 

Mission Groups

Mission Groups are designed to meet the specific needs of others, fulfilling the call of the church to bring hope and life to all people. These groups will serve in a variety of areas around our community (and beyond) that need the love of Jesus Christ.

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Study Groups

Study Groups are designed to strengthen your knowledge of Scripture and learn how to apply that knowledge and live a God-honoring life. They cover a wide variety of topics for people in all stages of life. Study Groups have a definite start and end date and are offered in rotation - this provides the opportunity to learn about areas of Scripture that are most relevant to you!

Recreation Groups

Recreation Groups are designed for groups of people to engage in shared hobbies/activities. They are both an outlet for people inside the church to get to know each other and a way for those outside the church to develop relationships with people who are followers of Christ.

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If you are interested in leading a Journey Group, please call the office 336-859-4565